Pacific North West Collective – 山羊奶皂(美國手工做)

$70.00 $55.00

  • 100% All Natural Ingredients, Handmade in the USA! Pure & natural goat’s milk is gentle on the skin and naturally moisturizing. Ideal for all skin types!
  • EACH PACK INCLUDES 4 floral scented bars! Rose, Jasmine, Lavender & Plum!
  • We make all our soaps in small batches in an effort to ensure the purest and finest quality of handmade goat milk soaps.
  • No chemical fragrance, dyes or artificial colorings. Made with sustainable organic palm oil.
  • Treat yourself, and enjoy our luxurious, creamy all natural fresh goats milk soap bars! A little self-care every day goes a long way!
Sold By: 收藏家
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